Racconti brevi

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In questa sezione potete trovare delle mie storie. Alcune sono totalmente inventate, altre ha un parvenza di verità. Un giorno mi piacerebbe scrivere una sulla più grande di tutte le bellezze.

Infrastructures from an anthropological interpretation

(English) This article is a review of Brian’s Larkin anthropological approach to infrastructures. At first, the conceptual framework is presented. Then two anthropological perspectives, social and subjective, are discussed, leading to the concept of poetics of infrastructure. To conclude, the pros and cons of the approach are made.

Intimacy and Amateur Porn: an anthropological discussion

This article asks the question if the increased phenomena of amateur porn suggest an end of the intimate sphere or a redefinition of it. By answering the question, the article uses three different perspectives: a historical one, by investigating the history of intimacy. A conceptual, by reflecting on the concepts of intimacy and sharing, and how they interact categorically. And, the third one is by reflecting on the positionality of the body. No final conclusion is given, just an opening as a start of reflection on the topic.


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