Intimacy and Amateur Porn: an anthropological discussion

(English) This article asks the question if the increased phenomena of amateur porn suggest an end of the intimate sphere or a redefinition of it. By answering the question, the article uses three different perspectives: a historical one, by investigating the history of intimacy. A conceptual, by reflecting on the concepts of intimacy and sharing, and how they interact categorically. And, the third one is by reflecting on the positionality of the body. No final conclusion is given, just an opening as a start of reflection on the topic.

 The scientific and industrial revolution: a global story

(English) The scientific and industrial revolutions are usually understood as a consequential and progressive events, in which from the former derives the latter. In this perspective, the historical times and geographies of the events are fixed, having as the point of departure Europe. This brief article, by applying a literature review on the subject, argues that the story of the two revolutions is more complex, making it a global story.

The Analogy of Science and Language: Representation issue and game perspective

(English) This article draws an analogy between language and science arguing that both can be understood as cognitive systems. The idea of the article is to prove that science, as a cognitive process, is strictly a human activity, and because of this, like language, the issue arises not during the logical process but when the process is shared with the other (i.e. society). In favor of this view, the issue of representation is presented. Following, a Wittgensteinian interpretation is made by arguing that science, because its similarities with language, can be conceptualized as a "language game".

Zombie cells vaccine: A philosophical perspective

(English) This article discusses two different perspectives of technology: the first is Nick Bostrom's transhumanist approach. The second is Lewis Mumford's Megamachine metaphor. The underlined idea regards efficiency: for the first, this is directly related to the efficiency of the body as freedom, for the second, the efficiency of the body is related to the function inside a social megastructure, which seems in contrast to freedom. In order to highlight the difference, the two ideas are applied to the Zombie cell vaccine, a vaccine under development that should contrast aging.